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Rain Chains – A Classy Alternative to Gutter Downspouts


Our rain chain has ornamental tulip-shaped cups that spill water down through holes in the bottom of each cup.

One of the cool perks of being a garden writer is that companies often send me “freebies” in hopes that I’ll rave about their products and give them some free publicity. I don’t accept many of these offers, because unlike so many of our politicians, I can’t be “bought”, but occasionally I receive a product I really wanted to try anyway, so I’m happy to review it here.

A company called Rain Chains Direct sent me this copper rain chain to install as an alternative to our traditional metal downspouts. Instead of a long metal or plastic tube to direct rainwater out of roof gutters, a rain chain is made up of connected links that trap and drain water down from the gutter outflow. Its flexibility means you can direct the outflow into a nearby garden bed, an underground pipe, or a rain barrel to collect for future use.

A few days after installing our rain chain, we had a monsoon-type storm which dropped 3″ of rain overnight — an excellent test of the water distribution capabilities of our new rain chain. I’m pleased to report that the rain chain worked like a charm. The water splashed down through the chain like a beautiful fountain, and there was little to no splashing onto nearby wood siding:

rain chain

Robert Sousa photo

Who wants an ugly metal downspout when there are attractive alternatives that perform the same job? Thank you to http://www.rainchainsdirect.com for our floral-themed rain chain —  in the central MA rain forest where we live, it should get LOTS of use over the years.