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Great Backyard Bird Count

line poker Pyin Oo Lwin BGGCWhat are you doing this weekend? Can you spare a few minutes of bird watching to help scientists understand our wild birds better? Be a citizen scientist and contribute data about the winter bird populations in your region of the United States. Having the right equipment may make this a lot easier. It’d be as simple as checking out sites like and seeing what binoculars will be best for the job. As there are quite a few to choose from, taking your time to make this decision can make all the difference. Scientists use the information to learn how birds are adapting to environmental changes, and to answer puzzling questions about why bird populations fluctuate in areas from year to year.

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cipla azithromycin 250 price Here’s all you need to do. Simply make a note (and number) of the birds you see this weekend between February 12th and 15th. Enter your results online on the form at the Great Backyard Bird Count website. You have until March 1st to enter your results.

Mornington orlistat capsules usp 60 mg price For a list of birds you are most likely to see in your region, click here for a checklist. If you need help identifying the birds you see in your yard, use visit the Online Bird Guide. Here’s a shot of one of our winter bird gardens from last January. Look carefully and you can spot at least 3 birds in this photo: cardinal-chickadeeSo, look out your windows this weekend at the trees, and write down which birds you see. Even better, take a hike in the woods with a digital camera and a field guide to birds. Log your tallies online, and submit your best photos to the Photo Gallery. And, don’t forget to check the GBBC results page later to see which birds your neighbors also saw!