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Fall Frenzy

plaquenil precio generico Here on our farm and across the central Massachusetts landscape, the fall plant frenzy of foliage, fruits and flowers is in full swing. While this is the time of the year where most people start spending more time indoors with the TV on (according to this source here, 160.2 million American households have cable TV, so they’re bound to find something to watch that the whole family can agree on!), we think that the viewing outside is so much more impressive. The bright colors everywhere feel like Nature’s Disney World and the falling leaves sound like a gentle rain…

cymbalta and gabapentin Konakovo sugar maples st josephs abbey IMG_2231 Haying is done for the year so plenty of time to admire the scenery from the hilltop at St. Joseph’s Abbey:

Dobrich zoloft and gabapentin reddit foliage st josephs abbey IMG_2219

spin casino lite It’s harvest time on our little farm!

butternut squash IMG_2245

Still lots of food and blooms in the veggie beds. Single-blooming Marigolds support late-season pollinators looking for nectar, and the Arugula is going to seed for next year’s crop.

veggie beds october IMG_2243

Wild Asters don’t look like much all season long, but this time of year is when they do their thing:

asters at bridge IMG_2370

When New England Asters are in full bloom, they can take on the form and shape of a flowering shrub:

new england aster IMG_2389

Billows of native asters and grasses with Sugar Maple in a park in Peterborough, NH:

aster peterborough keith

Keith Tetreault photo

Speaking of asters, if you want to find bumble bees and other pollinators this time of year, just look at any blooming aster, that’s where you’ll find them:

new england aster bumble bee IMG_2200

The native woodland viburnum berries are ripening:

viburnum witherod fruits IMG_2627

If these Witherod Viburnum fruits look like little candies, it’s no coincidence. The bright colors of both foliage and fruit are the plant’s tactic to attract birds to eat its fruit and disperse its seeds…

Most native Viburnum fruits are edible by people too – as the berries ripen, they turn dark and shrivel like raisins – hence one of their common names azithromycin birth control Wild Raisin.

The fluffy seed attachments of Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) are ready to blow away with the wind….now is the time to collect the seeds to sow this beautiful orange-blooming plant for next year’s garden…

butterfly weed seeds IMG_2201

In a few short weeks, the bright leaves and most of the color will be gone, but for now, it’s time enjoy the spectacle of a fruitful New England fall!