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NWF and ScottsMiracle-Gro? No!

I interrupt the scheduled…. um – recent silence – of my blog to put up a quick rant. As many of you know, many years ago we certified our small farm as a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat (certified habitat #71074) as a way to raise awareness of the ways we can all (homeowners, farmers, patio gardeners, and foresters) help birds and other at-risk wildlife in our backyards. I’ve always been proud to support the NWF for their efforts to reconnect people with nature and to help gardeners support wildlife in backyards. However, I heard something yesterday that was very disappointing… the NWF has formed a partnership with the Scotts Miracle-Gro company.


Huh? Did I miss something? Isn’t “Eliminate Chemical Pesticides” and “Eliminate Chemical Fertilizers” in the NWF’s very own manual for certifying a backyard as a habitat? Where exactly do ScottsMiracle-Gro products, including Roundup (a weedkiller linked to fetal cell malfunction and several cancers in people and animals), and the chemical lawn fertilizers which destroy soil life and the health of our lakes and ponds, fit into a mission of “inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future“? No matter which way they are spinning this, the NWF has sold out….

Let the NWF know that they are betraying their own values by accepting money from the corporation that profits the most from selling the chemicals that are poisoning our farmlands, our water supplies, and our own health! Carole Brown’s Ecosystem Gardening blog suggests some ways to contact NWF to express your disapproval:

Call NWF: 1-800-822-9919

Post your thoughts on NWF’s Facebook page (make sure you click the tab that says “Everyone” under the photo bar)

Leave a comment on their website

Tweet your message to NWF on Twitter, including @NWF in your message

Thank you for listening!