Snowbirds heading South

While I was out doing barn chores this morning, I heard the familiar honking of a huge flock of Canadian Geese flying overhead, heading for warmer climes. They were flying north to south, probably following the path of Turkey Hill Brook, and really struggling to fly against a strong southwesterly wind. I stopped my work for a minute to listen. For a few moments, their honking masked all other noise, and I felt enveloped by the sound, as though I was suddenly thrust into the middle of somebody else’s conversation.

I always find it amazing how Canadian Geese fly in their V formation, in which the flapping of each bird’s wings creates an uplift that reduces air resistance for the bird flying behind. The V constantly forms and reforms as each bird does its share of flying in front, allowing the former lead birds to rest behind. They have an instinctive spirit of cooperation that ensures the survival of most of the flock. As a species, we could do well to learn from nature, because like the Canadian Geese, we are all in this together, and flying against the wind is a lot easier when everybody pitches in and does their share…

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