Summer Vases

Habitat gardens are not just for wildlife! Bird and pollinator-friendly plants not only feed birds and butterflies but they also produce abundant blooms which make great bouquets! Plant lots of seed-producing and nectar plants that bloom at various times throughout the season so you’ll have plenty of flowers to share with family and friends.

Some flowering plants such as Zinnia will actually bloom more heavily if some of its flowers are cut.

Here’s a vase from the last week at Turkey Hill Brook Farm, containing Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’, Lamb’s Ear, Catmint, Hydrangea, and Phlox.


Below is another vase I cut yesterday. This one contains Drumstick Allium, Purple Coneflower, Musk Mallow, Shasta Daisy and Catchfly. All these plants (except for the Allium) reseed on our central MA farm. If I don’t like where they pop up, I just move them to a better spot, or I pot them up and give to friends and clients.



Here are some other easy-to-grow bird and butterfly-friendly plants suitable for our climate that you can cut for flowers:

Verbena bonariensis (reseeding annual in New England)
Sunflower (annual and perennial)
Swamp Milkweed (perennial)
Black-eyed Susan (perennial)
Cosmos (annual)
Zinnia (annual)
Gayfeather/Liatris (perennial)
Lilac (shrub)
Blanket Flower (perennial)
Yarrow (perennial)
Goldenrod (perennial)
Korean Mint (perennial, heavy reseeder)
Globe Thistle

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